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Stretch, Strengthen, Live, & Thrive
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High-powered executives with back pain & pain in your joints

  • Do you arrive at the office by 7:00AM, leave at 6:00PM, and sit 70% of the time?
  • Are the challenges of excelling in your position causing pain in your neck, low back, hips, knees, or ankles?
  • Are your abilities during physical activity compromised by the high demands of your career?
If you answered yes to the previous questions, you are the prototypical executive. Years of hunching over and staring at a device or computer have pulled your body in directions that cause you discomfort and back pain when standing up straight. Squatting down to pick up your keys requires more effort than you remember five years ago. You have to turn all the way around to reach behind you and take something off the shelf because it’s too painful reaching back with your hand.
Maybe you exercise a couple of times per week, play golf or tennis, or are active around the house, yet you are still experiencing pain. Overuse movement patterns cause muscle imbalances, which if not corrected, cause pain and discomfort. Muscle imbalance is a condition in which there is a lack of balance between muscles surrounding a joint (Mersmann, Bohm, & Arampatzis, 2017). What that means is one muscle is tight and the corresponding muscle is weak. The main reason you’re in pain and do not have optimal function is you continue shortening the tight muscles and forget about strengthening the weak muscles which are over-lengthened.

How do muscular imbalances affect your life?

  • Propensity for low back injuries from an inability to activate muscles around your hips while picking up objects or in the gym
  • Hunched over shoulders and forward head cause tension headaches and a lack of rotation for golf and tennis swings
  • Inwardly rotated knees lead to higher ACL injury chances from lateral lower body movements
  • Achilles tendon damage and ankle problems from lack of flexibility in your calf muscles due to high-heeled shoes
Unless you address these issues with a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist like me, you are doomed to be the definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over expecting a different result. Orthopedic surgeons want to cut on you, a chiropractor works only on your spinal column area, and a physical therapist can only address a specific injury by health insurance rules. None of these health providers can give you a complete workout plan AND coaching to work on ALL areas of your body to get you back into the game of life at the level you desire!
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NOW is the time to change the game with my Compete as an Athlete in the Game of Life Executive Program!

What it is:
  • Individual customized program of stretches and strengthening exercises to work on all areas of your body that exhibit muscular imbalances
  • Cardiovascular workouts (running, swimming, cycling, Group X classes)
  • 9-month commitment for those serious about alleviating their pain and improving their quality of life
What it is not:
  • A weight loss program of any kind
  • Ongoing coaching, nutrition guidance, and assessments to ensure you are following the program appropriately
  • Sports performance training
Who it is for:
  • Successful executives tired of being in pain from sitting or other postural bad habits
  • Successful executives who are physically active and aren’t achieving their potential from postural bad habits, previous injuries, or sitting for extended hours daily
  • Successful executives who want to change their lifestyle to become more physically active and have a healthy lifestyle
Who it is not for:
  • People looking to lose weight
  • People wanting sports- specific training
  • Children and adolescents
If you want to Compete as an Athlete in the Game of Life, I invite you to schedule a brief consultation to determine a fit. The program is not for everyone, and that is okay. A limited number of clients are accepted to ensure adherence to the program and adequate time for coaching sessions.
Please email or call to get started in the next 30 days and receive a FREE gift! I will respond within 24 hours via the method you contacted me.
Thank you for applying to Compete as an Athlete in the Game of Life Executive Program!
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