You don’t feel as young as you used to

You love being active but sitting at your job all day has caused some serious neck and back pain.
In today's world, our jobs make us more sedentary than ever, leading to the back and neck pain that decrease the enjoyment in our lives.
I’m tired of being in pain

You used to be active…

Now you sit at a desk all day, and your body is paying the price.
By the end of your workday, you’re too stiff to do anything else.
You’re tired of taking pain medication and just want to feel better.

The pain is making you miserable

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • And so much more

Matt Peale understands your frustration

You want to be the best at everything, but the pain has you worried you won’t be able to stay as active as you once were.
As a Corrective Exercise Specialist and certified Stretching & Flexibility Coach, he understands his clients’ frustration with back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by sitting at their desks and staring at their screens all day.
That’s why he’s developed his 10-Minute Professional Series. These corrective stretching courses are short enough to fit into your schedule and will help you reduce pain and gain mobility.
I’m frustrated with my pain

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These 3 videos will teach you how to relieve back pain and give you a preview of all our course has to offer.
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